Hollolan Sähköautomatiikka Oy

Hollolan Sähköautomatiikka is a specialist in generating sets and stand by electricity technology. We are active in both own manufacturing and import, service of generating sets. With experience of thousands delivered genset units we can offer our customers the most optimal and competitive genset solutions for each purpose.

Our experience covers both standard equipment and tailor made customer solutions with necessary electrical equipment and automation.
Our equipment is widely used in industry and communities as well as in military and hobby applications where it is important to secure the electricity supply in case of a net failure or where there is no permanent electricity supply at all.

A view over our office and work shop in Lahti

Generating sets
The most central product is the POWERI generating set range. The whole range is manufactured by us and available in several different
applications. Besides the standard range, Poweri is also available in different tailored versions according to customer needs.
Poweri is build to last also in hard conditions.

We also represent and import some of the famous world brands such as PRAMAC generating sets which complete the Poweri range when necessary.

Our delivery program covers the range:
1,5-2000 kVA.

Only the best components designed for industrial
purposes are used in our manufacturing


We are also the official distributor of MeccAlte generators which are always available in our stock.


We carry a stock of standard gensets , generators and spare parts
We are the sole distributor of NovoPress hydraulic tools serving the electronic industry.
Novopress is one of the leading manufactures of hydraulic tools for cutting , crimping and punching.

Our service section serves our customers in all matters related to generating sets , generators , Novopress tools or spare parts.


Testing of a generating set in our service shop